• Brushes
  • Leather Cleaner
  • Polish (Wax and Cream)
  • Conditioners
  • Shine Sponges
  • Shoe horns (short and long)
  • Shoe laces (nylon, leather, dress wax)
  • Shine Cloths 
  • Stretch Solution
  • Insoles
  • Quick Shine (wax spray top coat)
  • Fitting Pads (heel grips, foot pads)

We take great pride in our repair process. Key element to our process is in understanding why your shoes needs repair in the first place. When we take that approach, we can make repairs that are long lasting rather than short lived. We love having you here, but with another pair of shoes or boots. We look forward to being your hometown repair shop for all your leather needs.

Come in!

Can’t find boots that fit properly? Van’s craftsmen are custom boot makers. We custom-design your boots so they fit you perfectly!

But our services go beyond JUST custom boot modifications:

Handbags – We adjust and repair straps, or add a new strap for comfort!

Belts – We fix and adjust belts so they fit just right!



SINCE 1948.

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